Music Production
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April 18, 2017

What is a Music Producer?

Until I got in to the business of making music I never truly understood: What is a music producer? "A Music Producer is the visionary who steers a piece of…
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Music Producer
April 15, 2015

Hipster Indie – Guitars and Synths

Cider, Sunshine and hipster indie, feels to be the order of the day. Alas, I'm likely to spend it in a soundproof windowless bunker but hey, such is the price…
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Music for theatre
November 7, 2014

Imperial Walz – Macbeth (National Youth Theatre)

This is the opening piece for the 2014 National Youth Theatre Production of Macbeth Directed by Ed Hughes. Set in the early 1900s, the Viennese style Walz is one of…
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