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Jim Hustwit

Bespoke Podcast Intro Music

If you serve fish fingers in a Michelin starred restaurant you devalue the experience… and probably lose your stars.

The same can be said for using cheap or ill considered podcast music. Your podcast is a 100% auditory experience so the audio really does matter! Especially the podcast intro music.

And remember, your podcast will be available forever so it’s important to get it right first time.


Does your podcast intro make people want to listen?

The first 60 seconds of your podcast is where you set the tone and convince the listener that their time is well spent listening to your podcast.

Music has the power to engage people emotionally. If you engage the listener emotionally you have their attention.

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The Power of Music

Watch this short clip and listen to how the emotion and feel of the infamous psycho shower scene is completely transformed by alternative music.


Exceptional podcast intro music sets you apart and provides a unique sonic identity…

…which is increasingly important in a hugely competitive and saturated podcast market. Great TV shows have great themes… so too should your podcast.

Your podcast is about establishing you as an expert in your field and enhancing your credibility. Don’t let the podcast music and audio undermine that.

Guy Incognito

Let’s make some music!

How I approach crafting the perfect podcast intro music

1. Your Vision

Only once I truly understand your vision and target audience can I create the perfect podcast soundtrack. 

2. Your Taste

Your personal musical taste will inform the music I create for your podcast

3. Introduction

I ask you to provide a 20 second podcast intro. Hearing music underneath is very revealing

4. Create

I use my 13 years of music production experience to craft the perfect theme music for your podcast.

Listen to my Work

Hidden Ireland

Sync Music Matters

Diagnosis Success

How Do You Heal

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    What They’re Saying About Working with Me

    “Jim has composed the intro music for my podcast How Do You Heal? I love working with him - he is super professional, flexible, knowledgeable, and talented. My jingle is absolutely perfect and the process of creating it was fun and light. Thank you, Jim!”

    Dr. Hannah ArnoldDirector

    “Jim composed the wonderful soundtrack to a film I directed, Lucky Chicken. His contribution to the film was paramount to its success and elevates the film to a level I never could have imagined. As a silent comedy the soundtrack was absolutely essential and I know how lucky I am to have found Jim and his brilliant, creative, hard working team.”

    Gulliver MooreDirector

    ““Working with Jim was an absolute pleasure. He's very professional, extremely skilled and hardworking, but also very kind and accommodating. He genuinely cares about achieving the best result possible and that's rare to find. Thank you for an amazing result, Jim!””

    Sonata KayArtist

    ““Jim walking into my life was a huge blessing. Not only is he an amazing person but his skills as a composer, producer and mixer are outstanding. I worked with previous producers who didn't quite understand what my project was about. Jim understood my vision and the results are nothing short of outstanding. His love for sound shines and you will get a great vibe from the first hello””

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