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Music Internships – Composer / Music Producer

Larp Music is always on the look out for talented and highly motivated individuals who want to work in the music industry. It’s a daunting prospect facing the uncertainty of a very competitive job market. It’s competitive because it’s amazing. But if you want it badly enough, you can make it happen. We might be able to help through our music internships.

We are looking for composersmusic producers and mix engineers who are just starting out and want some industry experience. We offer a two week music internships based out of our studios at Finsbury Park in North London. If we work well together then we may ask you to stay to develop your experience with a view to providing you with some freelance work. Ideally we want to develop longterm working relationships.

Music Internship - Santi Piqueras

Santi Piqueras did an internship with Larp Music and now manages the studio and collaborates

We want to be completely honest and it is important to understand that when you start out you will not be scoring films and producing top 10 artists. As an intern you will start with very basic tasks which may be more related to the running of the studio. If you prove to be diligent and hard working you will then get to work on projects with composers, again starting off with the basics but building up to a greater level of involvement. The speed at which you get involved with larger projects will be based on your efforts.

Important to note before applying for the music internships:

Larp Music works primarily “in the box.” We work out of bespoke music studios but we do not have 28 channel Neve mixing desks and lots of outboard equipment. If you aspire to be a ‘purist’ mix engineer then again, this is probably not the best company for you.

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How To Apply

If you would like to apply please send us an email with:

  1. a link to a short video of yourself explaining briefly what you have done, what you like doing, what you would like to do and how Larp might be able to help. The video should be no more than 90 seconds and you should just act natural.
  2. a link to some of your work. NO MP3s.

Send it to intern[at]

Why do we ask for a video? It’s all too easy and impersonal to send an email and attach a cv and we’d like to get to know you.

When recording your video – please be concise. We are busy and don’t need your life story… You can give us that if we invite you in for a chat.

Jim Hustwit is a composer and Music Producer in London. He writes for TV, Film and Theatre as well as producing artists.