Sync Music Matters Podcast

Welcome to Sync Music Matters, a podcast that explores the beautiful relationship between music and the moving image.

On The Sync Music Matters Podcast I chew the fat with industry professionals who, on a daily basis, work with music and visuals.

Now you might immediately assume I’m talking about composers but I’m also talking about the editors, the music supervisors, the directors and anyone else who’s involved with the synchronous process of pairing audio and visuals. 

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Who is the Sync Music Matters Podcast for?

This podcast is for anyone who would like to pull back the curtain and take a look behind the scenes of what it takes to compose music for an BAFTA-winning game, place music in an Emmy-winning series or edit an Oscar-winning movie. 

I’ll have my guests regale us with tales from the front line, provide practical tips and advice on navigating the industry and uncover the music and film that has helped shape them. 

I’m about understanding the people and understanding the process.

Musical Musings - Insights from the Music Industry - Music Producer Jim Hustwit
Music Producer Jim Hustwit
Sync Music Matters Host

Who is Jim Hustwit?

As a composer and music producer I have a very close relationship with music. And given that 99% of the music I create is for use in TV or film I have a close relationship with the moving image. 

That and the fact that from a young age I was seduced by the magic of the movies. As an 8 year old I pretty much wore out an old VHS recording of Star Wars that I recorded off the television one Christmas.

But what I perhaps didn’t realise at the time, is that the music of John Williams played a critical role in my love for this film. There is powerful emotional synergy when the right music is paired with the right visual.

Since quitting my handsomely paid marketing role to pursue music full time I’ve written music for TV and Film for Universal, EMI, BMG, WestOne and Ninjatune.

I’ve been commissioned to write music for TV series for the BBC, Sky 1 and Channel 4 and have been musical director for shows at The National Theatre and in the West End.

This podcast is an exploration of the TV & Film music industry and the people that I find so fascinating. And as I start to better understand myself, hopefully I can then better understand others.

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