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selection of my Music for TV & Film

Manchester City – Water Heroes FC

Water Heroes FC is an initiative that leverages football to educate young people about global water challenges.

It’s a combined initiative between Manchester City football club and Xylem, a US based water technology company.

The Water Heroes FC campaign is fronted by Pep Guardiola and a host of Man City players aimed at encouraging people to get involved with local water saving initiatives

You can find out more and get involved here: Water Heroes FC

Universal Music Publishing – Filmic Folk

Warm and inspirational folk blended with panoramic strings for that emotive and filmic feel. Filmic Folk I, II & 3 are available from Universal Music Publishing

Music for TV & Film

BOSCH – Summer TV Ad Campaign

I was approached by BOSCH to write, produce and record a piece of music for their summer ad campaign. They wanted 70s funk music similar to Chuck Brown and James Brown to which someone could dance around their garden with their powerhose. “Pull the Trigger” was born.

So we booked in to “The Square” recording studio to record the bass, drums and brass. There is no greater pleasure than recording fantastic musicians in a beautiful studio

Music for Movie Trailers

Big, Bold and Bombastic! Trailer music is a genre unto itself. These are a few of the trailer tracks that I’ve written produced and mixed for Audiosocket |ASX.

I actually exec produced the albums which you can listen to in their entirety on Spotify

If you think I can help with your creative project or you would simply like to discuss your options then please feel free to drop me a line

Game of Thrones Funk – Arranged, Produced and Mixed by Jim Hustwit


Soundtrack for this quirky silent romantic comedy about a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker… and a magic chicken.