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Cristobal Tapia de Veer is a Chilean-born Canadian composer and producer who shot to fame in 2013 with his score for the deliciously sinister and mysterious TV series Utopia.

Since then he’s scored the 2016 film The Girl with All The Gifts, Black Mirror’s Black Museum and of course White Lotus season 1 and 2 for which he won a ‘Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music’

Cristobal brings a real sense of irreverence to his scores and seems to delight in making the viewer feel uncomfortable.

If you listened to the first ever episode of Sync Music Matters when I interviewed Stephen Warbeck you might remember we talked about Cristobal Tapia de Veer and his score for the first White Lotus. So what a thrill to have the man himself to chat about

The White Lotus Soundtrack

You can follow Cristobal on Twitter @CristobalMusic

Jim Hustwit is a music producer and composer specialising in trailer music, production music and music for TV ads

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