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“I’m a criminal”

Jim Hustwit

In 2005 I helped get the Crazy Frog to #1 in the UK Charts.

I subsequently quit an illustrious marketing career in order to make reparations for crimes against music.* Larp Music was born.

We tell stories and our weapon of choice is music.

We help other artists tell or enhance their stories by writing and producing incredible bespoke music.

We believe in being BOLD, DARING and EVOCATIVE. And when the time is right FUNKY AS HELL.

We are all about using real instruments whenever possible and passionately believe in keeping the beautiful imperfections that make music human.

We want to make your audience feel something.

*In getting El Frog Loco to number one we prevented Coldplay from doing so… some people would call us heros.

Music Producer Jim Hustwit

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