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Find That 1 Person Who Can Launch Your Music Career

If you want a career in music as an artist, composer or music producer  you need to find that 1 person that will open the door to your music career.

That one person who overwhelmingly believes in what you do and will do whatever it takes to make sure you get heard. The person who will spend thousands of hours working on your art for free.

The good news is, they are very easy to find. It’s you.

You are your single biggest fan. No one likes what you do more. No one will work harder on your success than you.

find that 1 person that will open the door to your career.If you’ve read this and feel disappointed or angry because you were looking for a magic wand or “career hack” then I’m sorry to dissapoint.

There is no hack. No shortcut.

You can’t plant a seed and expect to come back the following day to find a tree. Every “overnight success” has been years in the making.

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There may be the occasional exception to the rule that goes “viral” but unless you have the skills to build on it, that kind of viral success isn’t sustainable.

Granted, there are people within the industry who could potentially open doors for you. But you don’t find them. They find you.

When you get so good at what you do that they can’t ignore you.

The ‘Music Industry’

The “Music Industry” exists for one reason. To monetise music.

It doesn’t care about art or creative integrity. It cares about cash. (Oh Jim, you’re so cynical)

So if you want the interest of a label, agent or publisher, you have to make them believe that you can make them money.

If you create consistently amazing art which people love, word will spread.

Over time (and this could be many years) your reputation and fan base will grow to a point where you could start to earn a living from your art. (See The 1000 True Fans Theory)

If you reach this point you may well find that industry professionals come knocking. By this point you may not need them.

Or they might be able to help you open the doors that you haven’t thus far been able to open for yourself.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t knock and doors and spread the word about what you do. I encourage you to shout it from the roof tops. Just don’t pin your hopes on anyone other than yourself.