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Jim Hustwit

Music Producer in London

I’ve been producing music for 13 years and have written for Universal, Sony/ATV and Ninja Tune. I work with singers, songwriters and bands to produce Soul, Folk, Acoustic, Indie, Funk and Alternative. (no EDM)

For me there is nothing more exciting and inspiring than taking a musical idea and lovingly nurturing it in to musical masterpiece that grabs hold of the listener and won’t let go.

I work out of my recording studio in North London which is also the home of my record label. My clients benefit from my extensive knowledge of being a singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. My goal is always to create outstanding music.

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Take The Next Step

If you’re reading this it’s because you have some incredible musical ideas that you were born to share with the world… and you need someone to help you do it.

You may have aspirations of signing to a major label or you may just write for fun. Either way, as a music producer in London, I can help you find your sound and turn those ideas in to professional quality recordings.

I only work with people that I genuinely believe I can help and similarly you should only work with a music producer who you feel understands you and your music. Why not get in touch and find out whether we are artistically compatible?


If you are unsure as to what a music producer actually does then have a look at this article I wrote: READ What is a Music Producer?

Work with Jim Hustwit

Music Producer in London

Recording studio in North London

Benefit from a comfortable place to be creative with like-minded people. Making music should always be fun. More info about the studio below.

Writer, Singer & Performer

I can provide coaching and guidance on vocal technique and performance. Both critical to a great recording.


I play guitar, bass, saxophone, piano, drums and percussion and often play on my clients tracks if needed.

I Write Music for TV and Film

Benefit from my knowledge of writing for all instruments. Some of my clients come to me with finished songs, others with just lyrics so we write the music together.

Expert Knowledge

I spent 8 years in marketing and I run my own record labelI am happy to offer advice and guidance on all aspects as setting up as an unsigned artist including rights, royalties, marketing, PR, live performance etc.


What they say

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What Can I Help You With?

Great music is about engaging the listener emotionally and this can be done through all of the areas below:


Having spent many years writing and performing I can help with all areas of songwriting such as lyrics, melody, harmony and song structure. Songwriting is not an exact science but songs generally follow certain rules particularly if you want them to be commercially viable. There is a very fine line between art and commerce.


The instrumentation you use goes a long way to defining your sound. It will influence the feel and style of your music and so it must be carefully considered. There are also creative ways to use different instruments to ensure that they are in keeping with the genre.


Recording is an art in itself and it varies in complexity depending on whether you are simply recording vocals in a studio or a choir in a church. I know how to record all instruments and ensembles. If it is an area with which I am not familiar I would bring in a relevant specialist.


Arranging is the art of deciding which instruments do what and at what point during the song. This is in order to take the listener on a journey. It could be arranging basic band instrumentation, a brass section or even an orchestra. Either way the arrangement is critical in maximising the impact of a piece of music.


Mixing is balancing of all the constituent parts of a piece of music so that they all sit in a distinct sonic space. It’s another key facet of creating a musical journey which emotionally engages the listener.

The Recording Studio – Music Producer in London

My custom built recording studio in north London is at Finsbury Park. The control room and live rooms are fully soundproofed and are acoustically perfected to ensure the optimum environment for tracking and mixing and all round music production. We also serve the best tea in London 🙂

We have an array of instruments including:

  • Upright piano
  • Acoustic and nylon string guitars
  • Electric guitars and bass guitars
  • Laney vintage guitar amp
  • Mandolins, ukuleles
  • Percussion including cajons, hang drums, shakers
  • Saxophone and clarinet