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In this episode of Sync Music Matters I’m talking to Emmy Award Winning Michael Price.

Michael talks about his journey from the music department of WHSmith’s to composing for shows like Sherlock and Unforgotten

He reveals the challenges of composing music over multiple series and how his creative approach changes when writing music as a solo artist. 

He talks fondly of his time working with the late great Michael Kaman who apparently used to try and improvise action cues in a single take. 

Several life milestones that have changed the ways that he wants to create and write music. In Episode 7 Danny Mulhern talks about improvisation and flow state which Michael also draws on heavily to be at his creative best.

Michael Price Biog

Emmy Award winning Michael Price has composed music for TV shows such as Sherlock, Dracula, and Unforgotten. He has received numerous award nominations and was recently nominated for a BAFTA and an Emmy for his work on Dracula with David Arnold.

His film scoring work includes films such as Eternal Beauty, Cheerful Weather and Just Jim 

As well as being a master of music for TV and Film, Michael releases music as a solo artist. 

His solo work takes the form of beautiful improvised piano works, as heard on albums like Diary, or via the more lush, grand orchestral work, that you might hear on critically acclaimed releases Entanglement (2015) Tender Symmetry (2018) from via Erased Tapes’

His lastest release, The Hope of Better Weather, is rooted in the piano world but also exists as a bridge crossing into new terrain, including reworks and remixes from the likes of Yann Tiersen, Bill Ryder-Jones and Eluvium 

And his forthcoming album, Whitsun, is an exploration of the connection between sound and memory. 

Michael Price’s website

Some of Michael Price’s Musical Influences:

Michael Kaman

Keith Jarret – Concert in Koeln

John Tavener – The Protecting Veil

Arvo Paert

Japan – Ghosts


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