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In this episode of The Sync Music Matters Podcast I’m talking to Music Supervisor and Consultant Emma Middleton.

Emma is a film trailer specialist and was voted “Music Supervisor of the Year” in 2020 at AIM Sync. She was also a winner and finalist at the Music & Sound Awards for her work on trailers for The Crown Seasons 3 & 4. 

I often talk about the important of irreverence in the creative field and Emma loves to try new and unexpected musical ideas. I love the fact that she has a ‘curveballs’ folder.

Emma and I talk about how she went from studying English literature to setting up her own Music Supervision agency.

We go under the skin on her recent projects working on The Witcher and The Crown where she provides insights into the world of both sourcing and writing music for movie trailers.

We discuss her love affair with the music of John Powell… and how she left behind the Javelin in favour of a career in music.

So grab yourself a brew, sit back and enjoy this fascinating and insightful chat with Emma Middleton

The trailers, music and companies that we discuss are all linked in the show notes below

Emma Middleton’s website and work

Rubato Music

The Witcher Season 2 – Trailer (Rubato Music)

The Crown Season 3 Trailer (Rubato Music)

Companies mentioned by Emma Middleton

Create Ad agency

Audio Machine

Music that has inspired Emma Middleton

John Powell – How To Train Your Dragon OST 

John Powell – Should I Know You (How To Train Your Dragon 2 OST)

Murray Gold composer

Gustavo Santaolalla composer

Turin Breaks

Turin Breaks – Ether Song



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