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What happens when you take one of the most iconic and inspiring TV themes of this decade and funk it up. The result is Game of Funk… or Funk of Thrones or Game of Thrones Funk…

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The Musicians – Game of Thrones Funk Cover

I wanted this to be a collaborative as possible and being a composer and music producer with a network of contacts I knew who to call. So I drafted in Diego Rodriguez from Dorne. He’s great with a spear and even better with a bass. From Bravos comes Cristiano Castellitto who worships the many faced god and bangs a drum like no other. Carol Jarvis and Hugh Davies came all the way from High Garden wielding their weapons of Brass destruction. Aaron Wheeler sailed in from the Iron Islands carrying naught but a piano. What is dead may never die. Todd Baker can often be heard shredding from the Eyrie where he regularly throws guitars from the moon door. Ben Corrigan was our copyist from Castle Black. Santiago Piqueras spends most of his time in the brothels of Kings Landing, And I hail from Winterfell, where I constantly acknowledge (whinge) that winter is indeed coming.

Real Brass is an online brass recording service:

Castellitto Drums @ccastellitto is an online drum recording service

Diego Rodriguez is a session bassist:

@Todd Baker is composer, sound designer and face melter

Aaron Wheeler is a media composer and the brains behind the Lydian collective:

The video was edited by Santiago Piqueras:

Ben Corrigan is a composer, engineer and arranger

Jim Hustwit is a TV and Film Composer and Music Producer