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In this episode of The Sync Music Matters Podcast I’m talking to Oscar winning Stephen Warbeck who is one of the UK’s most successful TV and Film composers.

Stephen is perhaps best known for his score for Shakespeare in Love for which he won an Oscar. He subsequently went on to score films like Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Billy Elliot.

More recently Stephen scored DNA, which received a César Award nomination for Best Original Score, Uncle Vanya starring Toby Jones and Richard Armitage, and The Children Act starring Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci.

Stephen also composes for theatre and I first met him at the National Theatre where we worked together on This House, a play by Jeremy Herrin.

During the course of our conversation Stephen generously shares his thoughts on: 

  • Having work rejected
  • Getting fired before you’ve even started
  • Dealing with… direct French directors
  • Bringing a unique personality to music
  • The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones
  • What he plans to do should he reach 80 years of age

If you’d like to discover some of Stephen’s incredible music or the works that have inspired him, then see below:

Listen to Stephen Warbeck’s Music

The Man in The Hat – Stephen Warbeck (Original Score)

ADN – Stephen Warbeck (Original Score)

Making The Coffee – Stephen Warbeck

The Kippers (hKippers)

Listen to Inspiration and References from Sync Music Matters Podcast with Stephen Warbeck

Alex van Warmerdam

Cristobal Tapia de Weer

The Mourning of a Star – Keith Jarrett

Gustav Mahler

Blackbird – The Beatles 

Baglamadaki (small Bouzouki) Playlist

Nicola Piovani – La vita e bella

In episode 2 of The Sync Music Matters Podcast I’m talking to game composer and sound designer Todd Baker

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