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If you’ve ever muted a movie, you’ll know how vital the music is to its impact. As a total movie buff, I’m more than a little bit excited about what the movie world has in store for us in 2017. I’ve rounded up 12 of my favourites for more than their scripts alone. This list is all about the score. Check out the repertoire of some of these talented composers and see which you’ll be going along to watch.

Assasin Creed
Jan 2017

Composer: Jed Kurzel (Macbeth, Babadook and Slow West.)
Does sinister movies very well with lots of close mic strings and scraping bow sounds.

movies coming in 2017 Assassins Creed
I think my anticipation for this is born out of the powerhouses of Fassbender and Cotillard…that and I love the premise of  a highly trained assassin operating in the shadows (Bourne). I did find Macbeth (the movie) a little desolate and over stylised at times so here’s hoping Justin Kurzel’s movie adaptation set during the Spanish Inquisition delivers a little more substance.

La La Land
Jan 2017

Composer: Justin Hurwitz (Whiplash). The Whiplash soundtrack was stunning with ride cymbals and busy brass so expect more of the same but with a more “Hollywood Musical” feel.

movies coming in 2017 la la land


Ryan Golsing and Emma Stone had great chemistry in “Crazy Stupid Love” and are back in this all singing, all dancing, old-school Hollywood musical movie directed by Damien Chazelle (Whiplash). Justin Hurwitz’s original score may also be an Oscar contender.

Trainspotting 2
Jan 2017

Composer: More of a soundtrack film than composed score. Expect Underworld and Iggy Pop.

movies coming in 2017 Trainspotting 2

I initially “poo-pooed” the idea of a Trainspotting follow on. I’ve faced bitter disappointment with so many uninspired reboots trying to cash in on a previous success that I struggled with the idea of another. However, the trailer has filled me with hope as the original cast return for a 20-years-on follow up which looks to be suitably relevant to the modern day. That, and Born Slippy just overwhelmed me with nostalgia.

The Lego Batman Movie
Feb 2017

Composer: Lorne Balfe (Terminator Genisys, 13 Hours). I love his Skylanders series and imagine this will be the vibe for Batman…but with a real orchestra.

movies coming in 2017 lego batman

The Lego Movie was a hilarious and unexpected pleasure and Will Arnett’s Batman was very much a highlight. Throw in a bit of Ralph Fiennes and Michael Cera and boom! Bring on Batman with LOLs a-plenty.

The Great Wall
Feb 2017

Composer:Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones).
Nuff said… he knows epic and is responsible for one of the most memorable theme tunes of all time.

movies coming in 2017 great wall matt damon

I was very much in two minds as to whether to include this as I’m not sure the trailer excites me. The dialogue seems wooden and a big CGI spectacle just isn’t enough to win me over these days. I put in simply because I love Matt Damon – even if he is playing a Chinese character in a Chinese film set in China.

Kong: Skull Island
March 2017

Composer: Henry Jackman – His CV includes Captain America and Jack Reacher so he knows epic action.
One of my favourites was Wreck-It Ralph.

movies coming in 2017 kong skull island
Another film which runs the risk of being another formulaic Hollywood Monster movie is Kong. However, the trailer looks pretty compelling and with a cast including Brie Larson, Tom Hiddelston and Samuel L Jackson (will he die in the first 30 mins??), I’m interested. John C Reily is also in their and looks to be providing a little light relief.

Free Fire
March 2017

Composers: Ben Salisbury (Life of Mammals) and Geoff Barrow (Portishead). Don’t know much about these guys but one to watch.

movies coming in 2017 free fire

Ben Wheatley brings you a Reservoir Dogs style shoot out in Boston with a plethora of international accents. It has a stellar cast including Brie Larsson (she’s everywhere), Cillian Murphy and Sharlto Copley and has a distinct 70s throwback vibe. As for music, Ted Nugent’s “Free For All” features in the trailer so here’s hoping for a suitably retro soundtrack.

Wonder Woman
June 2017

Composer: Rupert Gregson-Williams (Tarzan) – Following on from the Zimmer/Junkie XL this will most likely be more of the epic hollywood “wall of sound” and percussion heavy action score…as long as we get to hear the Wonder Woman theme.

movies coming in 2017 wonderwoman

She was easily the best thing about Batman vs Superman, whether that is enough for her first solo outing remains to be seen. I’m becoming a little disillusioned and bored with the superhero genre but will watch this in the hope that the DC universe learned a valuable lesson from Batman vs Superman. I also want to hear Hans Zimmer’s “Wonderwoman Theme” in full surround.

July 2017

Composer: Michael Giacchino – Rogue One, Inside Out, Up. He also did The Incredibles (and is doing the Incredibles 2) which is one of my all-time favourite scores. It will be amazing whatever he does…

movies coming in 2017 Spiderman
He had his debut in Captain America 3 and was suitably witty and enjoyable so watch this space… but are we really rebooting Spiderman again??

July 2017

Composer: Hanz Zimmer – Nuff said.

movies coming in 2017 dunkirk
Christopher Nolan is trying his hand at an epic war movie and with a cast including Mark Rylance, Kenneth Brannagh, Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, I reckon the story of allied forces facing impossible odds is in pretty safe hands. Naturally, Hans Zimmer will be providing the music so it’s definitely one to get excited about.

Alien Covenant
August 2017

Composer: Harry Gregson-Williams (not to be mistaken with his brother Rupert). He previously did “Prometheus”, The “Martian” and is set to score Ben Affleck’s “Batman”… firmly establishing himself as a Hollywood favourite.

movies coming in 2017 alien covenant
Michael Fassbender is back in the Ridley Scott prequel to Alien and sequel to Prometheus. As well as hoping for some answers as to what the hell Prometheus was about, I’m hoping to see Michael Fassbender start a spaceship with a piccolo and marshmallow again. Movie gold.

Star Wars VIII
December 2017

Composer: John Williams – Nuff said

movies coming in 2017 Starwars VIII
I loved “The Force Awakens” because after the car crash of the prequels it felt like the Star Wars Universe could continue with the genuine look and feel of the originals. Yes, it faced criticism for the fact that it was pretty much a remake of the originals but hey… it was a great remake. Come number 8 though, I think we’ll want to see a development rather than the same story lines rehashed. Let’s hope director Rian Johnson delivers the spectacle we all so desperately want.

The Predator
March 2018

Composer: TBC but Alan Silvestri did the original so here’s hoping…

movies coming in 2018 Predator

I have dreamed about Predators since I was a child and I loved the original movie  so anything Predator related will be on my “to watch list.” The other spin-offs have been a bit of a let down but here’s hoping that Shane Black, who was in the original, knows how to restore the Predator to all his former glory. This is actually billed for 2018 but I had to include it.

This isn’t a definitive list but certainly the “blockbusters” which I think are worth looking out for. There are probably lots of great Indie films to look out for too… I just don’t know about them… yet! Do you? Comment below.