“Sitting cross-legged in a school assembly aged eight, I was captivated by a girl playing “Wombles of Wimbledon” on clarinet.”

You can only connect the dots when you look back but from that moment, I knew I had to make music.

Music has always played a huge role in my life. I’ve studied clarinet, sax, guitar, drums… but professionally I was never sure what I wanted to do.

Music never seemed an option. But then at the age of 32, I quit my job to pursue music and make my passion my profession. I’ve never looked back.

tv & film composer

Music Producer London

I write and produce music to Move, Motivate, and Inspire

I believe music is about connection

John Williams and Max Richter have made me cry. I’ve never met them but they have profoundly affected me on an emotional level. They’ve done that through music.

I’m addicted to the creative process

I love crafting a piece of music, building it, fine tuning it and moulding it into something that affects people emotionally. I lose myself in it.

Your creative vision is the priority of the project

Understanding this happens before any music is composed and if you’re not sure what you’re looking for we work together to define it. To exceed your expectations (which I always want to do) understanding your vision is essential.

And my music should enhance it

And take it to another level. That’s what I aim to do. Collaborating with other musicians, masters of their own craft, is a critical part of that for me and something I rarely compromise on. Music is inherently social and I believe the process should be too.

Watch and listen

Recording Brass for the BBC1 Series

Recording Brass for the BBC1 Series

Filmic Folk | An Album for Universal Music

Filmic Folk | An Album for Universal Music

BOSCH TV Ad Music | Recording Funk

BOSCH TV Ad Music | Recording Funk

Music Reel

Music Reel

Lucky Chicken Film Score

Lucky Chicken Film Score

BOSCH TV Campaign – Funk Music

BOSCH TV Campaign – Funk Music

And read on for the rest of the story

Having spent my 20s working for Investment Banks (sorry) and as a Marketing Consultant for those responsible for the Crazy Frog (really sorry), a multi-track recorder, borrowed from my good friend Chris Price of the “Unthanks” rekindled a love for composing that I’d left behind with my music GCSE.

Along comes Bob

I had recorded a couple of songs which had been inspired by the love of my life (who would later become my wife) and played them to Bob.

Bob is hard to impress. He’s one of those people who rarely offers praise.

So, when I played him my first ever recorded track in 2008 and he liked it, a career in music was suddenly more than just a dream.

Bob then dared me to do an open mic night – very funny Bob – but I did.

It was terrible.

But it lit a fire inside me and I was determined to forge a career in music.

Fast forward three years, two EPs and an album as Acoustic Jim, 300+ gigs at some top venues including Ronnie Scots and The O2, and a “People’s Music Award for Best Male Solo Act” everything was great…but something wasn’t right.

The part that I loved was writing and recording yet I spent most of my time performing. It was time to shift the focus.

A Leap of Faith

Aaron Wheeler recorded my first EP and has since become a very close friend and business partner. Aaron showed me the world of the music producer, a world where you write lots of music and never have to perform!

I did a 12-day course in music production and with some cash in the bank, I plucked up the courage to quit my job and dedicate a year to the craft.

Worst case scenario: I go back to marketing.

Best case scenario: I make it in music.

“I believe that if you are passionate about something and determind then you can be truly successful at it.”

So, while working in a pub to make ends meet Aaron took me under his wing and mentored me into the music industry. In February 2012, I had my first couple of tracks published by EMI and was commissioned to score Strictly Baby Disco for Channel 4.

By this point, I’d fallen hard for the creative process. Understanding what people want and translating that vision into music is a challenging, enthralling and privileged experience.

Big Break

Still performing as Acoustic Jim and busking on the south bank, we wangled our way into playing as part of the National Theatres pre-show foyer performances.

In June 2012, we played the outdoor stage and were seen by the National Theatre’s Director of Music, Matthew Scott. He later invited me in to have a chat about a show called ‘This House’, for which they needed a band.

The chat went well and suddenly my first job as Musical Director was at the National Theatre for a show which enjoyed two sell-out runs before being rebooted in 2016 in Chichester and the West End. The dream had become a reality.

Playing Park Life with Phil Daniels who was in This House is a highlight of my career to date.

Since then I’ve had the joy of working with the Almeida Theatre, RADA and the National Youth Theatre, helping compose and adapt music for the stage.

Notable work

  • “This House” National Theatre & The Garrick Theatre (Musical Director)
  • “Filmic Folk Album” Universal Production Music (Composer/Producer/Mixer,)
  • “Lucky Chicken” – Short Film- Gulliver Moore Productions (Composer/Producer/Mixer,)
  • “Yonderland 3” – Big Talk for Sky 1 (additional music) (Composer/Producer/Mixer,)
  • BOSCH TV Campaign “Just Add You”, (Composer/Producer/Mixer)
  • “Unsafe Sex In The City 2” – Dragonfly for BBC3 (Composer/Producer/Mixer,)
  • “Strictly Baby Disco,” Boundless for Channel 4 (Composer/Producer/Mixer,)
  • “Merchant of Venice” Almeida Theatre (Musical Director)
  • One Born: “Twins and Triplets” Dragonfly for Channel 4, (Composer/Producer/Mixer)
  • One Born: “Plus Size” and Pregnant (Composer/Producer/Mixer)

Work with me

I write and produce music to move, motivate, and inspire. To bring your next project to life, contact me here.