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There are many ways to record an acoustic guitar particularly if you delve into stereo micing techniques. This video shows you what I believe to be the simplest and most effective way for recording acoustic guitar for people who are starting out. To that end we are using a single microphone and recording a mono signal. 

Stereo micing involves two microphones (ideally a matched pair) so that you have distinct left and right signals. This allows you to record a wider stereo field. If you are interested in the stereo field, have a look at this post on doubling up for a wider stereo field and energy.

In order to get a good acoustic guitar I’m assuming you have a basic recording set up in place. If not have a look at my post on equipment you need to produce your own music.

A lot of people bang on about mic pre-amps and microphones and it’s true that equipment can play a role in defining the sound that you get. However, it is possible to get great results when recording acoustic guitar with a simple set up and the right know how – without the know how, it doesn’t matter how good your gear is.