4 Steps – How to Approach People In The Music Industry

I would always encourage people to reach out within the music industry. It is an important part of growing your network and your career. Below are 4 steps on how to approach people in the music industry.

I would say 90% of the correspondence I receive is not addressed to me. It begins “Hi”

The first thing I do with any email which isn’t addressed specifically to me is hit DELETE.

I receive hundreds of emails and if the sender hasn’t taken the time to address the email they probably haven’t taken the time to make sure that it’s relevant.

I’m talking about unsolicited email from people who either want to do an internship, want to work with me or sometimes just want me to give them all of my contacts and make their dreams come true.

You cannot send blanket emails and expect any kind of response. The people you are emailing are incredibly busy and replying to unsolicited requests will be at the bottom of their to do list.

Now there is no rule book on how to approach people in the music industry, but you are better off sending five specific, relevant and well researched emails rather than fifty blanket emails.

Here is a 4 step approach to outreach which I believe will increase the chances of you getting a reply

Step 1 – Research who you are emailing

I receive a lot of emails from people who want me to place their music on film and television. I’m not a music supervisor*. I write and produce music so that email is irrelevant. DELETE. Do some research to find out the name of the person your are emailing and ensure they are the relevant person.

Step 2 – Reference their work

If that person or company is relevant, look at what they have worked on. Reference that work in your correspondence. People like to be complimented but it also shows you have taken the time to learn about them.

Step 3 – Get creative

Let’s say I receive 10 emails per day. Nine of them are a generic format whereas one of them is quirky with the subject heading “Let’s Eat Grandma”, which do you think I am more likely to read? Do your best to make your correspondence stand out and grab the recipients attention. There is still no guarantee that they’re going to read it, but you increase the probability.

Step 4 – Curate what you send them

If you send them a link to your work, do not send them to your website and expect them to have a look around. Send them one specific piece of work (2 max) which you think is the most relevant to them. If they like it they may look around or they may ask for more.

Now this 4 step approach does not guarantee a response, but if each step increases the likelihood by 5%, you’ll increase your overall chances by 20%

If you want to delve into how to structure your email a bit better then check out Criminally Prolific’s post on Cold Email

* If you want to pitch your music check out this podcast episode by the guys at DIY Musician Podcast 7 Tips For Pitching your music

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