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I’ve just finished Filmic Folk II, my first production music album/EP for Universal Production Music. It’s off the back of Filmic Folk I… which came out last year. It seemingly did well enough to warrant a sequel.

Filmic Folk (the prequel to Filmic Folk II) was an idea that I had back in 2014 . I wanted to combine traditional folk instrumentation with panoramic strings to give it a lush and emotive sound.

It was an amazing process from writing to producing and mixing. Most of the music was recorded at my studio with the help of Santi Piqueras, with the exception of strings being recorded at Rak in St Johns Wood and Drums being recorded at Wheeler studios in Crouch End.

Many thanks to some of the guest musicians including Sam Edgington on double bass, Cris Castellitto on drums and Phoebe Wright-Spinks on piano (who also cowrite Fall at your feet.) Additional cowrites included the immense talents of Dan Mulhern and Michael Palmer.

Anyway, if you’d like to have a listen, here they are: