Music Producer
May 15, 2017

Ribbon Microphones On Test

I was in the market for some ribbon microphones. I wanted something that would add some different, tone and character to my piano and guitar but would also sound great…
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Music Production
FeaturedMusic Producer
April 18, 2017

What is a Music Producer?

Until I got in to the business of making music I never truly understood: What is a music producer? "A Music Producer is the visionary who steers a piece of…
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Music for TV and FilmTV and Film Composer
December 12, 2016

Why Filmmakers Must Go Gourmet to Deliver a Memorable Musical Experience

  Understandably, film production companies are often restricted by time and budget, so opt for library (or production) music rather than composed. And when time is short, handpicking the finished…
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Music for theatreMusical Director
November 9, 2016

“This House” Returns – The Garrick Theatre 19th November

I've spent the last 7 weeks in Chichester as musical director for This House at the Chichester Festival Theatre and I loved it. Aside from the more peaceful way of…
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