My Approach

Your creative vision is the most important part of any project. Understanding this happens before a composer writes a single note and if you’re not sure what you’re looking for we work together to define it. To exceed your expectations (which I always want to do) understanding your ideas is essential.

The Music

Music elicits emotion and when people experience emotion, they are engaged. It’s a powerful way to connect and is the difference between ‘average’ and ‘amazing’. Your creative project deserves to be amazing. Working with me, you’ll discover a composer who can write across multiple genres and wherever possible uses real instruments and musicians.

BOSCH – Summer TV Ad Campaign

I was approached by BOSCH to write, produce and record a piece of music for their summer ad campaign. They wanted 70s funk music similar to Chuck Brown and James Brown to which someone could dance around their garden with their powerhose. “Pull the Trigger” was born.

So we booked in to “The Square” recording studio to record the bass, drums and brass. There is no greater pleasure than recording fantastic musicians in a beautiful studio.

Let’s make music! Bring your creative project to life.
Universal Music Publishing – Filmic Folk

Having pitched some ideas to Universal I was comissioned to write a seven track album. The idea was to take traditional folk instrumentation such as painos, guitars mandolins etc and blend them with panoramic strings for that emotive and filmic feel.

Lucky Chicken – Filmscore

Lucky Chicken is the magical tale of a Butcher, a Baker, a Candlestick Maker and of course a Lucky Chicken.

I loved the script (if you can call it that given that it’s a silent film) so I set about creating musical ideas to bring the world and the characters to life. Lucky Chicken is a light-hearted comedy set in a non-specific time period in England. As such we wanted the score to have a timeless, quirky and fun feel to it.