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Larp Records is on the look-out for talented singer songwriters for an exclusive collaborative project.

As part of Singer Songwriters Wanted we’re currently working with several hand picked artists on an album due to be released next year.
We’re interested in hearing from other artists with unique voices and inspirational lyrics. 

How does Singer Songwriters Wanted work?

Step 1

You email us a link to what you feel is your strongest track and a lyric sheet. We’ll have a listen and get in touch.

NB A great song should work with a voice and one instrument. We don’t need a professional recording. It could be a video of you sitting at a piano. But it needs to be good enough quality so that we can hear your voice and lyrics.

Step 2

If we like your track we’ll arrange for you to come to the studio for a chat. As well as voice and lyrics we want to work with like minded people, so we’d like to get to know you, and tell you more about ourselves – you also need to be sure you want to work with us 🙂

Step 3

If we like each other, we cowrite a track together at our recording studio in north London. Always 50:50 split

Step 4

If we believe that the co-written song is strong enough, we will produce, record, mix, release and promote it – we will pay all of the production costs.

Songwriting submissions are currently closed. We will be offering opportunities again so if you would like priority access, please join our mailing list.

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    Our Vision

    To foster creativity and collaboration with likeminded people who love making music and to become an independent powerhouse for creating outstanding, original music.

    Why is Larp Records doing this?

    We believe that music is at its best when it’s collaborative. I’ve been producing music for the over 12 years for the likes of Universal, Sony/ATV and Ninja Tune.

    I always want to collaborate with the best talent wherever possible. The bigger the pool of talent we draw from, the more exciting the music.

    I earn a good living from producing music and I love what I do. I am passionate and driven and want to be at the heart of creating great art that will connect with people around the world for years to come. This is more easily achieved working together and combining experience and strengths.

    mixer larp music

    What’s in it for you?

    We write and amazing piece of music together which we release and promote. The track becomes a global sensation and is picked up for synch in Film/TV around the world. Record labels and music publishers all start to clamour for the rights to the music and artist and we negotiate a life changing deal which allows us to continue doing what we do with total creative control and almost instant access to a global market for all future music releases.

    Idealistic but we believe in aiming high.


    Who is this for?

    • Someone who has a great voice and writes inspirational lyrics.
    • Someone who understands that forging a career in music takes hard work and dedication.
    • Someone who loves the creative process. The journey is the reward

    Who is this NOT for?

    • Someone who just wants to be famous. This is about music not fame.
    • Someone who can’t leave their ego at the door. Collaboration is about working as a team
    • Someone who “likes the idea of making music.” You need to demonstrate that you have taken the initiative and been proactive in pursuing music.

    Can I apply if I sing but don’t write my own lyrics?

    Yes you can. Ideally we want someone who does both but if you have a great voice and can show that you have some experience then we’ll definitely have a listen. It will however impact the songwriting splits.

    Can I apply If I write lyrics but don’t sing?

    Yes you can. Ideally we want someone who does both but if your lyrics are incredible then we’ll take a look. Ideally you should send us a recording of someone singing your lyrics. It will however impact the songwriting splits.

    Why could this be for you?

    It’s very difficult to make a living from music and especially doing it on your own. As an artist you are expected to be a singer, songwriter, manager, booking agent and PR/Marketing expert. You need a team which we will provide. We will help in all of these areas and provide support and advice.

    What costs will we cover?

    • Music production
    • Recording
    • Mixing
    • Mastering
    • Musician Hire
    • Additional studio hire
    • Video production
    • Marketing
    • PR