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In January 2015 I created the concept of ‘Filmic Folk.’ The idea was to immerse modern piano and guitar driven folk with the lush and emotive sound of a cinematic orchestra.

I spend most of my time creating music using sampled sounds but trying to make it sound as though they are real. Ultimately there is no substitute for the real deal. These tracks are all about using real instruments and real musicians. They know their instruments better than I do and I am incredibly grateful for their expertise and talent. With Special thanks to:

Cristiano Castellitto – Drums | Todd Baker – Guitar & Mandolin (Lone Rider) | Aaron Wheeler – Piano (Echoes) | Phoebe Wright-Spinks – Vocals (Lone Rider and Echoes) | Catrin Pryce-Jones – Violin (Lone Rider and Echoes) | Sophie Haynes – Cello (Lone Rider and Echoes) | Sarah Macllelan – Vocals (Lone Rider) | Terry Michellis – Technical & Sibelius Support |

Please listen responsibly – i.e. on good headphones or speakers 🙂

Filmic Folk is available through Universal Publishing: FILMIC FOLK


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