Generate Passive Income From Your Music

Earn Money Whilst You Sleep

Get Paid Doing What You Love 

This exclusive production music opportunity is for you if:

You'd like to write and produce music for TV, Ads & Film

You'd like to have your tracks pitched to companies like Disney, HBO, FX

The sales team are on the front line pitching our tracks to all the major media owners and sync fees vary from 5k to 30k.

You want to get paid for doing what you love

It may be that you want to make this a full time job or simply supplement your income each month

You'd like to join a team of like minded producers and composers

We have a weekly Zoom to play each other our tracks and give feedback and share ideas.

You strive to continually get better at you craft

You have no problem coming up with ideas but want to know how to develop them into tracks that work to picture

If you answered yes to any of those, let us know where we should send the application form

What They're Saying

“Music is very subjective, and a different journey for each individual working to make their passion, their profession. Jim understands this and provided me with unique, thoughtful, and real feedback and advice that I will use throughout my career. We need more Jim Hustwits in the industry.”

Kat MazProducer, NYC

“Jim's guidance has been invaluable. He has a great understanding of what the music industry are looking for and is happy to share this in practical and genuinely useful way. Thanks again Jim!”

Richard SolaniProducer/Composer

“Jim knows his stuff -- and he's willing to share his knowledge with others. He's a generous musician and producer who is eager to bring out the best in everyone.”

Matt KiteProducer/Composer - Washington

“Super knowledgeable about all aspects of music production, Jim is a consummate professional with a sophisticated ear. He was easy to work with and fun to be around.”

JQ WhitcombComposer - NYC
Musical Musings - Insights from the Music Industry - Music Producer Jim Hustwit
Music Producer Jim Hustwit
Living The Dream

Meet The Facilitator

I’m Jim Hustwit and in 2011, at the age of 31, I quit my day job in marketing to pursue a career doing what I love… MUSIC
We spend one third of our lives working and I wanted to make sure I was doing something incredible!

I now earn a living from my passion and have produced music for Universal, EMI, BMG WestOne & NinjaTune

The best bit… I’ve never even studied composition. (I studied German and Business at Uni)

Last month I made £3,186.54 from production music alone… 

That income was generated whilst I slept, by music which I wrote over three years ago!!

… and it’s not even that much. I know people who earn 4 x that amount. 

I don’t tell you that to boast, but rather demonstrate the earning potential of production music (library music or stock music)

I’m my own boss, I take holiday when I like (sometimes for six weeks) and hand pick the projects that come in.

I don’t technically need to work… but I do because I love it. 

Generate passive income from music
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