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In April 2014 I had the honour of scoring the film “The New Boy” by the immensely talented director Christine Lalla.

The film follows, two young sisters and their obsession with the new boy next door. The eventually befriend him and what starts out as innocent adolescent intirgue turns in to something rather more sinister. As the story unfolds it turns out the sisters are not the only ones watching “The New Boy.”

I met and discussed the film at length with Christine who had a very clear vision of where she wanted the film to go. It was to be a bleak story and as such the score needed to reflect this. At the same time it was a story of youth and as such the score and indeed instrumentation needed to reflect this.

I wanted to bring a sparseness to the score and a sense of turmoil. I am a huge advocate of repeated motifs but also making them subtle enough to be almost subconscious. I’m very proud to have been a part of this film and pleased with the results of my first outing scoring a feature film. Below is a taste of some of the music.