“A music producer is the visionary that steers a piece of music in particular creative direction. They can hear the finished product before it’s been recorded.”

As a music producer my role is to turn your ideas in to pro-sounding pieces of music.

You may have a clearly defined vision or we may need to define it together but understanding your creative goals is key producing your music. I will then ensure that we fulfill that vision. Part of the role of a music producer is being a specialised project manager with knowledge of the whole music production process. As such we can offer creative input on all of the below…
Music Producer London - Recording Brass
Listen to a few of my recent projects working with singer songwriters

Music/Song Structure

Songwriting is not an exact science but songs generally follow certain rules. We can help with elements like melody, harmony and structure, which may help you improve your song and it’s potential impact.


Songwriters often collaborate and one of the reasons is that it’s good to pool ideas and resources. It’s good to get third party perspectiveWe can provide input on general song-writing and lyrics


The instrumentation you use goes some way to defining your sound. Many songs have a core of bass, drums, guitars, pianos etc. but there are lots of others sounds, which will determine the feel and genre of your music.


This could be orchestrating, brass/string arranging or just simply arranging basic band instrumentation to ensure your music has maximum impact in taking the listener on a journey.


Recording is an art in itself and varys in complexity depending on whether you recording simple vocals in the studio or a choir in the church. The producer can advise on this or bring the relevant specialist


Mixing is the balancing of all the constituent parts of a piece of music so that they all sit in a distinct sonic space. It’s also the creating of a listening journey which fosters maximum emotional engagement of the listener

Game Of Thrones Funk – Arranged, Produced and Mixed by Jim Hustwit

If you think I can help with your creative project or you would simply like to discuss your options then please feel free to drop us a line

Jim's musical abilities, ideas and professional production skills have taken my songs to a level that i never thought possible, and have opened up a whole new world of inspiration for me. It's amazing that we can now record music at home - but taking my tracks into the studio and working with Jim has given me a great insight into production technics, writing and how to record properly! which has been invaluable.

Si Bennett
Universal Music Publishing – Filmic Folk

Having pitched some ideas to Universal I was comissioned to write a seven track album. The idea was to take traditional folk instrumentation such as painos, guitars mandolins etc and blend them with panoramic strings for that emotive and filmic feel.

If you think I can help with your creative project or you would simply like to discuss your options then please feel free to drop us a line