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Technology today makes recording and producing music from the comfort of your home a reality. And quite frankly there is no greater pleasure than making music… in this humble composer’s opinion. Not only is it possible but it is accessible as the equipment need not cost a fortune and can yield excellent results. Then all you need to become a music producer is the know how and experience.

When I first decided that I wanted to start recording my own music I was unsure what exactly I would need. This video aims to answer that question for any one who wants to become a music producer. 

Things you will need:


DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Audio Interface


MIDI Controller – not an absolute necessity


I actually left monitors off the video list because I don’t view these as critical at the very beginning if you have some hi fi speakers. When you start delving into the mix process you will want monitors but for the first year or so when I started out I used my hi fi speakers. The difference between home stereo speakers and studio monitors is that the home stereo speaker will enhance the sound of your music whereas the studio monitors will give you a true sound.

If you are interested in recording acoustic guitar then check out this video on 1 simple and effective way to record acoustic guitar. This is just about mono micing as this video is about keeping it simple.